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Anonymous asked: In your opinion, who is the physically the strongest Disney prince - just curious.



Without a doubt Eugene.


no seriously watch him jumping around the castle roof, he fricken runs around the edges of the roof like good god I would’ve fallen off and he jumps really big distance on the roof too


how the fack does he do that


and he tackles down Maximus - who is a HUGE horse like have you seen the neck on Maximus Jebus it’s the size of Eugene


and he got beat up by said horse


and here he is hanging on for dear life if that was me I would’ve fallen and died



and then he plummeted to his death and somehow survived?!


(god Eugene’s scream in that^ bit makes me laugh so much) and then he climbed a tower straight afterwards like okay then

and my personal favourite; with his last strength he saved Rapunzel


and with even less strength than that he tugged on Rapunzel’s head to get her attention


not to mention he was whacked by a freaking frying pan heaps


oh and when he fell flat on his face in the chair


he flipped himself onto his side using just his fingers



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This is it.
This is my legacy.
Put this on my gravestone when I’m dead.
This is how I’ll be remembered.

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Cas yelling in Enochian when he fucks Dean

Sam tuning it out because he doesn’t understand it anyway

Kevin losing his goddamn mind because he understands every word Cas is saying and holy fuck are those two dirty in bed

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feminism isn’t about making women the same as men. feminism is about creating a society that views feminine traits and behaviors as equally important and valued as masculine ones.

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Anonymous asked: yes hello my roommate is being a dick can i commission you to come over and paint a nsfw yaoi mural in her room so she's so uncomfortable she'll start taking care of her responsibilities again?


As an advocate for young people taking care of responsibilities, I will paint the best looking nsfw mural of yaoi dicks in the world for your dick friend, pro bono.

or you know, pro boner.