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Father With Autistic Son Sends His Kid to School With a Wire, Exposes Bullying and Abuse by Teachers

equal treatment for people with disabilities is the one social issue i am really passionate about and man this…… i don’t even know man

this is just awful

Guys, this is really horrible. And it’s hard to listen to. But please, please, listen to all of this video. All of it. It’s so important that incidents like this are brought to public attention. You need to know that these things are going on in schools. We all need to know, and everyone who is able needs to do something to change this. Please.

This was very hard to listen to. But it needs to be heard by everyone. I applaud this father and all of his efforts to bring awareness and justice to this situation.

A big reason why more people need to be aware of this, oh my god.
I’m always worried about letting my future kids go to public school due to the possibility of this happening.

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    I’m so thankful that Gerald has been blessed with amazing teachers his entire life. It’s so horrifying to see how...
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